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Individual Counselling
 (Adults 19+)
$150/50 minutes

We often fall into patterns of neglecting our own well-being and mental health needs. I will support you to feel safe in expressing your emotions and processing difficult experiences. Together we will create a plan for therapy. I will offer evidence-based treatment to help you learn tools and strategies to support you in learning new skills and exploring the paths that will lead you to thrive in your life.

Life coaching


(Adults 19+)
$175/50 minutes 

If you and your partner and/or friend and/or family member are  stuck in a cycle or stalemate, I can help. Relational therapy can create space to improve communication, manage conflict and breaking negative patterns. You will learn to foster deeper connection by gaining a deeper insight into yourself and your loved one. become more intentional around your words and behaviours, and improve your ability to put yourself in your loved one's shoes.

Smiling Couple

Diagnostic Formulation
(Adults 19+)
$450 total for two 50-minute sessions and for writing report

 As a Registered Clinical Social Worker, I am am authorized in the province of British Columbia to use and apply the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). In our two sessions, I will gather information to complete a comprehensive Biopsychosocial Assessment and determine if you meet the diagnostic criteria for a diagnosis. Note that I only provide diagnoses in the areas of depression, anxiety, and trauma related disorders. 

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